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Special Guest App Is Coming To A City Near You!

Image Credit: Pixabay

Finding live entertainment has always been hassle for party planners and venue organizers. The talent pool always seems to be limited to who you know, and the lack of competition drives prices through the roof. Hiring entertainment at the local level can be a hassle for both the performer and the consumer, but thankfully help is on the way. Special Guest App is a platform that is designed to make the talent hiring process much smoother and similar for venues and performers alike. Recently, Special Guest App has been expanding their locations and moving into a wide range of markets including Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Special Guest App is coming to a city near you, and here’s what that means.

Wider Talent Pool

The biggest thing about Special Guest App coming to a city near you is the increase to the talent pool of live entertainment. While Special Guest App may not actually stretch out the available talent pool of a certain location, it will certainly make it much more accessible to consumers. Previously talent acquisitions were restricted to people you knew or had connections with. This meant that your options for live entertainment were relatively restricted to your social circle. Now with the introduction of Special Guest App to your location you can search all registered talent in your surrounding area. Whether you're looking for a musician for your wedding reception or looking to hire a hypnotist for a company party, Special Guest App will surely allow you to find exactly the type of entertainment that you need.

Match Your Budget To Performers

Another great thing that will happen with the introduction of Special Guest App to your location is the ability to match your budget to the performers you hire. In the past, the live entertainment industry was notoriously expensive. Performers could charge lots of money for private events since most people had limited options. People rarely have connections to multiple live entertainers, so consumers were forced to take less than desirable deals. Consumers could not risk there being no live entertainment at their private events, so they were essentially cornered into taking certain deals. However with wider talent pools from Special Guest App come reduced prices. In addition, every performer on the Special Guest platform has their rates posted for consumers. This allows consumers to tailor their budget around their live entertainment and prevents the need to overpay live talent.

Become More Informed On Talent

When Special Guest App comes to a city near you, you can be sure that you will be much more informed on the local talent in your area. Consumers that have worked with talent in the past can leave informed reviews on the talent’s profile. These reviews can contain a text post along with a five star rating system. These reviews will allow you to be much more informed when hiring a performer for your event. The reviews can let you learn everything there is to know about the performance of a particular talent, including what they do well and what they struggle with. This allows you to hire the perfect talent that will fit perfectly with your entertainment needs.