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4 Ways to Increase Your Organic Web Visibility

4 Ways to Increase Your Organic Web Visibility

Online marketing can be like a never-ending attention grab. Every website is basically shouting out various words and phrases in the hope of reaching search engines’ algorithms. How successful this approach is depends on the frequency. Sometimes it’s fine science, other times it’s random chance.

Optimizing your search history prospects is the best bet to increasing the likelihood of a strong yield. Most articles will try to tell you that organic search engine optimization requires skilled marketing experts. If anything, all organic SEO needs is the good practices of you, the business owner. Here are some tips to help you increase your organic SEO ranking.


“What if you built a website and no one showed up?” That’s a question that many business owners wonder when they have pages that attract zero visitors. This might be because certain features don’t function properly, the content is outdated, or it simply has nothing of value to attract visitors.

Pruning is a way of cutting removing elements that steals attention from new or updated content. Try consolidating pages that are competing for the same search terms. Keep any pages that get a lot of internal links despite that lack of traffic.

Optimize for Personas

They say one of the best paths to success is by knowing your audience. A whole audience might be too broad to define your customer base. So maybe you want to narrow it down to a single person.

Breaking down prospective customers into buyer personas matches plain keywords with genuine human issues. Your personas have to represent everyday people with issues that your business may tie into. In order to make believable personas, you’ll need to cover five main areas: demographics (age, job, education, marital status), challenges, daily activities, information sources (print, web, peers), and potential criticisms about your service.

Site Speed

Let’s say you’ve already tried pruning and building a site your personas will enjoy and you still get no clicks. Maybe it’s an issue with the connectivity of the site. Nothing gets users to hit the back button like a slow loading web page.

Run a diagnostics test to gauge your site’s connection speed. There are over a dozen free speed tests online, but only so few can give accurate results. It’s best to find a service that can measure the site’s speed from your current location. This can ensure a comprehensive report that you can use as the blueprints for building a convenient experience for your customers.

Long-Tail Keywords

Doing a Google search related business listings may either surprise or disappoint based on your keywords. Imagine having a crime scene restoration service, but you’re only keyword is “cleaning.” Short-tail keywords like these can put you at the bottom of local searches.

Long-tail keywords gain more results in part to having three or more words to associate with your service. Using “biohazard waste removal” and “crime scene clean-up,” can put you at the top of local searches. Try Google’s Keyword Planner feature to cut down on competition.