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Hey guys ! So today I wanted to tell you guys about a fragrance that I have been loving so much lately. There are many mixed reviews about this product but I absolutely love it. KKW BODY has become one of my staple fragrances and I wear it everyday. There has been a lot of controversy in regards to the bottle of the perfume but I don't mind it at all.

The bottle is unique and it reminds me of summer. The fragrance itself is sweet but not too sweet there is also some musk in there which I really like because I don't like to smell too sweet. I wore it the first day for 6 hours and I was amazed that 6 hours later the scent was still there. I can say that it is very long lasting and there is no need to touch up on it. The size of the bottle is 100ml which is great and a little goes a long way so you don't need to spray it so many times. The price is $60 which I think is great for a bottle this size. What I find very unique about this perfume is that 3 different layers have different scents. The top consists of vert de vergamot vert de mandarin baies rose opur peach nectar. The middle consists of Ylang ylang moheli orpur, rose turkey absolute, Jasmin sambac absolute and the base consists of Vetiver haiti orpur, sandalwood australia orpur, golden amber and musk. The combination of these ingredients is just amazing and I really cannot get enough of the scents.

If you are looking for something that is not too sweet or too strong I recommend you try this out. It fits right in the middle of sweet and strong and it will last you for well up to 8 hours even more. I am really happy I got my hands on this because this has been my go to product. It's the perfect statement piece on my shelving unit right now and I am obsessed with the way it looks. By far a great product which I think all of you should try out!

Thanks so much for reading this review and if you decide to purchase it please let me know what you think about it !!

Xoxo___ Kris !

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